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Information Week Cover Story

Named one of the top seven innovators of the year by Information Week Magazine!

Host Logic Global Build Out

HostLogic Management Team

The FAU lead and me in front of my Hostlogic / FAU build team

HostLogic Network Operations Center

Hostlogic Network Operation center under construction

Florida Atlantic University Data Center Buildout
Florida Atlantic University Data Center Build Out

Florida Atlantic University servers ready for Data Center deployment

Founder / President Planet Computer

After many years as a successful Systems Administrator and IT Manager, I started the next phase as Founder / Owner of a LAN / Wan implementation company Planet Computer takes off as a Hosted Application Company.

My company was recognized as being the first Application Service Provider in the country by many industry publications.

Since the sale of PCI, I have worked with other companies to push their technology to previously unrealized levels.


Planet Computer nationally unveiled their newest business solution, PlanetUplink on Oct. 30th. PlanetUplink IBN (Internet Based Network) allows businesses to gain access to and share virtually any application or database simultaneously (real time) on almost any computer from their remote and multiple offices, globally, via the Internet.  This week, Planet Computer announced the expansion of PlanetUplink to support Linux (server and client), in addition to the currently supported Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX (Solaris/Sparc, Solaris/x86, SGI, IBM, SCO, HP/UX, DEC, SunOS), Windows (Win95, NT, Windows CE, Win3.x), DOS and Java.


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